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Dr. Cohen offers online beginning Ancient Greek year-round, and you can choose your own pace. At the intensive pace, in ten weeks you will learn a basic vocabulary and all the essentials of grammar and syntax.  Or you can choose to spread the same material out over a year or more, or any pace in between.  

A combination of videos, individual tutorials, and rapid-feedback drills will prepare you to read and engage in Greek texts of all eras. The course uses Hansen and Quinn’s Greek: An Intensive Course, which teaches Attic Greek, the dialect of Plato and Euripides and the basis for Koine Greek, the language of the New Testament.

Students may enroll through the Acadeum consortium (if they are enrolled at a cooperating institution) or directly through Randolph College.

The course was designed beautifully. … I love how each week’s work was divided into four sections, with unique assignments associated with each: acquisition of knowledge (very professional videos present the material in way that elaborates on, simplifies, and enhances the presentation in the book…with questions that need answering after viewing), practice (spreadsheets grammar drills presented in spreadsheets coded to show when answers are correct, and translation of sentences that came with an answer key for self-check), “showing off” (using Google docs on a shared drive, translating a sentence while the professor looks over my shoulder…offering hints and encouragement when needed), and evaluation (vocabulary and grammar quizzes). Each step led to the next led to success.

—Evaluation, Summer 2020